7 Ways to Dress With Style on a Low Budget

May 21, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Fashion

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Spring and summer are finally here! You know what that means – it’s time to update your wardrobe.

But if your budget is a little tighter this season, or if you’re saving for something more important than clothing, don’t worry. You can still rock all the latest trends for a fraction of the cost!

Check out this helpful list of 7 things you can do to revamp and upgrade your wardrobe even on a low budget.

1. Get The Tools Of The Trade

One of the best things you can do to make sure that your old clothes look as good as new? Invest in a few tools that will help to keep them looking their best!

Plus, if you really love your clothing, you want to be able to wear it for as long as possible.

First, invest in a sweater shaver. Unfortunately, wool and other sweater materials tend to ball up and pull quickly. This can make your clothing look ratty – not a good look, no matter where you’re going.

A sweater shaver ensures that your wool clothing looks awesome no matter how many years you’ve had it.

Secondly, get a steamer. Wrinkled clothes aren’t going to make you look good, and cheaper clothes do tend to wrinkle faster.

Plus, a steamer can help your clothing smell fresh, meaning you’ll need to wash it less often. Less washing (as long as you’re being reasonable) means less wear and tear on your favorite pieces.

2. Get It In Black

Let’s face it: black dresses are classics for a reason. Most people look and feel great in them, and they’re never going to go out of style!

Getting clothing in black isn’t just a good way to ensure that you’re not buying clothing that’s going to look dated in the next few months.

It’s also incredibly flattering! When clothes fit us better, they tend to look more expensive (we’ll talk about what else you can do to get the perfect fit in a minute.)

Plus, looking chic always makes your clothing look more expensive, even if you went with a low budget option!

3. Sew On A Patch

In case you haven’t noticed, patches are all the rage this year! From denim jackets to backpacks, it seems like you can’t flip through a fashion mag without encountering a patch!

Unfortunately, while these patched items look super cool, often they’re wildly overpriced. Plus, even if you like one of the patches on an item of clothing you’re considering buying, you might not be as crazy about the one that says “Squad Goals.”

Buying and sewing on your own patches is the perfect solution.

First, it gives you greater creative freedom. Clothing is a way to express yourself– go for it! Additionally, it’s a lot more affordable than buying clothing that’s charging you for something you really could do yourself.

Finally, it’s a great way to update you pieces from last season!

4. Switch Out Your Buttons

Another easy tip to make even the sweater you’ve had for five years look awesome?

Upgrade the buttons!

There are tons of options available on sites like Etsy, so it’s fairly easy to get high-quality buttons for an affordable amount of money. Be sure to look into funky and colorful options to fit with this season’s latest trends!

For tips on how to sew on buttons, click here.

5. Focus On Accessories

Accessories can elevate any outfit. Even if you go with low budget options, there are plenty of ways you can use, jewelry, belts, purses, and even hats to make everything pop!

Plus, accessories are a great way to hide fraying shirts or unsightly stains. Wrap a belt around that button that popped on the bottom of your button-down, and no one will know!

Plus, a bold statement can draw peoples’ eyes upwards, to distract from a frayed hem. It can also simply make your total loom more elegant.

6. Head To a Tailor

Any clothes, even low budget options, can look like couture pieces when they fit you like a glove!

Of course, no matter how much you pay for your clothes, finding items that fit you in all the right places (and forgive in all the wrong ones) can often be a challenge.

Instead of spending hours trying to find a piece that fits you “just right,” head to a tailor! This way, you won’t have to sacrifice style for fit. A tailor can also update your old pieces to give them a more trendy look.”

If you can’t really afford to shop this season, or would just rather spend your money elsewhere, a quick trip to the tailor can solve all your problems. Plus, you won’t have to part with the items you love just because they’ve gone out of style!

7. Go Vintage

You don’t have to spend a lot to look like a million bucks!

Vintage clothing is a great option for many reasons. First of all, it’s incredibly affordable. You can find high-end designer clothing for a fraction of the cost of what is sells for in stores.

Plus, it’s tons of fun! Many people quickly get obsessed with the thrill of the hunt (for style tips, we love watching Doris Raymond’s vintage shopping TV series.) It’s easy to get attached to the lifestyle, and getting to know the people in the vintage world can get you great discounts.

Finally, it’s great for the environment – and for workers. Fast-fashion may be convenient to buy, but there are all kinds of devastating human costs. The reality is that many of these brands are produced in sweatshops.

Anything you can do to lessen clothing production’s cost on the environment and the people who make it is so important.

Look Good On A Low Budget With These Tips

With so many resources and style tips available, there is no reason why you can’t get the same look that designers are offering on a low budget.

Looking for more ways to save?

We’ve got you covered! Check out our website and blog to learn more about how you can further stretch your dollar. Spend more money on wants, not needs, this year.