Best Coupon Tips of 2017

June 1, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Save / Discount

Let’s face it. No matter where you are in life, every bit counts.

The good news is that it’s never too late to begin saving money.

This year, discover ways to find better deals and pinch pennies through coupons and discounts, no matter where you frequently shop.

Check out these best coupon tips of 2017, and you’ll be surprised at how fat your wallet will stay!

1. Pay attention to expiration dates.

No coupon lasts forever. 

All coupons have an expiration date that signifies when they are no longer valid to use with purchase. 

This could be anywhere on the physical coupon itself. Often it is listed at the top or bottom.

If you are using paper copies of coupons, highlight or circle these expiration dates. You can even use a planner to coordinate shopping trips based off of when your coupon stack expires.

Keep your coupons in a prominent place so that you don’t let them expire. Some people like to keep coupons in their wallet. Others have a designated spot in the car or by the coffee machine.

Missing out on a deal because you’ve forgotten to pay attention to an expiration date is the most common mistake made by couponing rookies.

2. Take advantage of coupon-finding apps and websites.

This is one of the best coupon tips you can follow.

Today, several websites and apps exist to help consumers find deals at any store.

However, it can be hard to find websites that are legitimate. Be careful of scam coupon sites.

When using a coupon-finding website, use the search bar if you can. You can hone your coupon search depending upon what items you need.

This is important because it can be easy to get overwhelmed when seeing all coupon options available to you at once.

Know what you are looking for and work your way up. For example, start by choosing the Home category. Then, move to Beauty or Apparel.

If you are printing coupons from online, note how many coupons you can print per computer. Sometimes hitting your back or refresh button can enable printing of more than two copies of a coupon.

Make sure you understand the terms of any coupon you find online or via an app. Also, make sure you can see an expiration date!

3. Newspapers are everything.

In addition to website scouring, a simple local newspaper subscription is one of the best coupon tips to follow.

Most Sunday newspapers come jammed with local coupon sheets and savings.

Some newspapers will refer to a promotion that you’ll have to back up online. No problem! Sometimes these types of discounts are the richest.

Clip out relevant coupons the moment that Sunday subscription lands on the doorstep, note their expiration dates, and schedule a shopping trip.

Also, pay attention to the print date of the coupon book included in the Sunday newspaper. This is often located on the spine.

Use this date as a means of matching coupons with promotions online. 

4. Bulk up.

This is a key coupon tip.

The entire point of couponing is to save money across the board on your expenditures.

If a coupon is a total steal, buy multiple items of that product at once to maximize savings.

This is especially crucial for household goods that you find yourself consistently using, such as toilet paper, sponges, cleaning products, and canned items.

Make sure you have appropriate storage for these bulk items, too.

5. Create a mastery map.

Get to know the discount section, coupon habits, and promotional periods of a local store you frequently habit. This could be your favorite grocery store.

Don’t be shy! Talk to employees or managers at this store to get a clear word on store-wide savings.

Create a chart or schedule of certain deals based off of this research, and refer to it often.

Once you’re comfortable being the coupon master of one store, move on to the next in your area.

6. Be careful of overspending.

This may sound counter-intuitive.

But it’s actually the most important coupon tip on this list. 

Stocking up on discounted items in addition to your usual shopping list can mean an overall increase in expenditures over time.

This is especially true if you grab every deal in front of you.

Don’t risk going broke over couponing!

Create a file folder to store all of your physical coupons and mastery maps in. Use sticky notes and tabs to organize by expiration date, store, and/or product.

Most importantly, keep a digital or physical spreadsheet of your overall expenditures. Keep track of how much you are spending in addition to how much you are saving.

Pair these coupon tips with your habitual budget practices, and that’s where the real savings begin.

7. Let the ego go.

Let’s say that you bring an item to the register and discover that the coupon you chose for that item has expired or doesn’t apply for some reason.

A lot of shoppers might just purchase the item anyway. Believe it or not, these pride purchases can add up!

There’s nothing wrong with returning the item to its shelf and forgoing the purchase entirely. 

If you really need the item, look for a generic option if it exists. In fact, don’t forget about generic items overall. Sometimes the generic option for a product will still be cheaper even if the original has a coupon.

Or, find another store with a better price or deal. Don’t be afraid to mix and match suppliers.

8. Practice mindful shopping habits overall.

It can be very tempting to walk down the aisles of a store and want to buy something just because it is on sale.

For example, you may find that your cart fills quickly with discounted candy or junk food and other “shiny” things.

Remember the golden rule of couponing: the intent is to save money based off of your needs.

Go into a store with a list of things you need and stick to it. Don’t buy something simply because it is on sale or looks good.

Pairing these best coupon tips with an overall mindful shopping practice is the best way to save the most money.

With these best coupon tips in mind, you’re one step closer to saving big this month.

Happy couponing!